Thai snack-ing

Recently my family went on a Thailand tour and brought home a lot of goodies – this included silk scarfs, trendy lace clothes, shorts, t-shirts, multi-use hand fan (which turns into a hat) , shoes, handbags and delicious snacks to nibble on. They are complete in a way you can replace them for a mini meal when you’re not in a mood to cook or a need a quick munch when travelling. 

I love the variety and flavours. Their snack packed delicacies include sweet and spicy ones. The ones you must try are pork parcels (baked), nuggets, rice crackers,coated peanuts, roasted and fried sweet potatoes, fruit chips.

The nuggets and coated peanuts come in various flavours to suit your taste buds including of  meat, pork, coconut cream and seafood. It’s more like them incorporating their appetizing cuisine range from BBQ to coconut milk even in their ready to eat packed food.

I am hereby attaching below a blog list of their common crisps and chips especially if it’s your first time travel to Thailand and want to indulge into the best bites. 

16 Thai Crispy Snacks

Thai products


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