Rice cakes 

Steamed Rice cakes with spicy egg curry.  

Easy and quick steamed rice cakes  

1 cup of roasted (lightly) rice flour 

1.5 cups of hot water 

Salt to taste 

Oil (to grease and knead) 

I used coconut oil. 

1. Boil water and add 1tbsp oil

2. Add the roasted flour with about 1tsp salt 

3. Mix thoroughly and turn off flame. 

4. Keep the mixture tightly covered for about 15 min. 

5. Stir well adding 1tbsp oil gradually 

6. Heat water in a steamer and place the flattened rice cakes(cookie cutters can be used for different shapes). Garnish with a grated coconut. Cover and steam for 10 minutes on medium flame. 

Serve hot with fresh sweetens coconut milk or any curry of your choice. 

  1. It’s important to mix in hot water. 
  2. Keep hands moist while mixing the dough using preferably coconut oil. 
  3. Always keep covered till served. 

Fish and freshly sliced veggies #healthy #healthyfood #healthierchoices #oliveoil #fishfillet #pepperspread

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3 fish fillets marinated in curd, a spoon of tikka masala kept aside for half an hour.

Heat grill pan with olive oil. Once hot, add the fillets and meanwhile sprinkle herbs (oregano) and a few chilli flakes. Turn side and cook for about 5 more minutes on medium flame..

Place over a slices of colourfull bell peppers. Finally garnish with mayo and cilantro..