Cheese grilled veg sandwich 

Quick for a working morning 🤠when all you need is a pan, 2 slices of bread 🍞and veggies (I used cucumber and tomatoes) 🍅🥒🌶🧀with a thin slice of 0 fat cheese.  

Not to forget salt, pepper before toasting. 😋

Ran out of indispensable butter😕 so toasted the sandwich on a non-stick pan drizzled with oil. 

Fish and freshly sliced veggies #healthy #healthyfood #healthierchoices #oliveoil #fishfillet #pepperspread

from Instagram:


3 fish fillets marinated in curd, a spoon of tikka masala kept aside for half an hour.

Heat grill pan with olive oil. Once hot, add the fillets and meanwhile sprinkle herbs (oregano) and a few chilli flakes. Turn side and cook for about 5 more minutes on medium flame..

Place over a slices of colourfull bell peppers. Finally garnish with mayo and cilantro..